Monday, August 25, 2008

Southern Chinese restaurant near Harvard College

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Leverett House Harvard College

Leverett House Harvard College, originally uploaded by eileansiar.

Harvard Square's most popular doorway

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saffron robes are the tradition - Les vêtements du couleur safran sont traditionnel

Friday, August 08, 2008

Work that belly, or, belly dancing for the overeducated at the Blacksmith's House on Brattle Street

Upper Crust delivery deluxe - Livraison à domicile du Upper Crust pizza

Action and inaction in Winthrop Square on Friday - L'action et le calme à Winthrop Square le vendredi

Panorama Harvard Square at the subway entrance - Une vue du Harvard Square à l'entrance du metro

One of the more unusual buskers in Harvard Square, he plays Chinese opera on this fiddle - Très curieux car il joue à l'opera chinois avec cet instrument de musique

Family hour at Au Bon Pain - Une fête familial - Una fiesta para la familia

Harvard Square chessmasters at Au Bon Pain on a fine summer day - Jouer d'échec à Au Bon Pain et il fais beau pour le maîtres d'èchec

Panorama Harvard Hall, University Hall, and Massachusetts Hall (also the president's office) at Harvard College

Cult group at worship on JFK Street near Harvard Square

Hey! Harvard summer school isn't easy, you know.

Sexagenarian breakdancer in front of Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square

Art in Harvard Square - L'art à Harvard Square

Bartley's Burger Cottage window on Massachusetts Avenue a few blocks from Harvard Square

Leaning into Bach on Brattle Street

Planet Records window on JFK Street

On the benches in front of Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square

Old Harvard Burial Yard - Elizabeth Cooper

Shay's Wine Bar after a summer thunderstorm

Grafton Street cafe a few blocks from Harvard Square where the cognoscenti wine and dine

The garden at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education near Harvard Square on Brattle Street

Framed by glass at Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square - Encadré en vitrine à Au Bon Pain à Harvard Square

At the gate to Eliot House, Harvard College - Au porte à Eliot House

Friday, August 01, 2008

Eliot House at Harvard College - Le dortoir < à Harvard face à la rivière Charles